About Us

Welcome to Bible Verses To Go!


Hello, we're Charlie and Jill Lanham, founders of Bible Verses To Go.

Charlie is a retired aerospace engineer, and Jill is a retired Sunday School teacher, mother, and grandmother (OK, maybe she's not so retired).

We were members of Charles Stanley's church when we lived in Atlanta, Georgia. Jill was one of their first Sunday School teachers at the North location where we listened to Andy Stanley every week, and Charlie attended classes at New Orleans Theological Seminary.

But now, our main focus is to help millions of people online.

Every month, about 100 million individuals use a keyboard to request personal help from online search engines. They search using phrases such as 'I'm afraid', 'meaning of life', 'lonely', or 'discouraged'.

That's a staggering number of hurting people. And they comprise both Christians and non-Christians alike.

Our website is designed to reach these individuals with inspirational and encouraging Bible verses that speak directly to their specific need. God's words are powerful, and we believe that just one verse can change their life forever. 

We create Bible art that matches God's Word with awesome, cheerful photos of the world He created. These picture-verses are available as free downloads to anyone that needs encouragement.

Whether you're someone filled with fear, or just aspire to be a better person, you'll find comfort and wisdom in the verses you read here.

In Matthew 11:28, Jesus says, "Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest." That's our prayer for everyone who visits this website.

Thank you, and may God use these verses to bless you, your family, and friends!